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Q: I'm having an issue with my transaction. What should I do?

A: We recommend reaching out to the company you purchased through initially as they will be best equipped to assist you.

Q: Can I buy crypto with a credit card?

A: Yes. Most partners within our network accept debit and credit card with Mastercard and Visa to buy crypto.

Q: Why is my credit card getting declined when I attempt to buy crypto?

A: Many card issuing banks still do not accept the purchase of crypto. There are a couple reasons why your transaction was rejected. The MCC (Merchant Category Code) associated with buying digital assets is often rejected by the bank. In other cases, crypto transactions can get flagged for high risk. We take acceptance rate into consideration when trying to recommend certain partners.

Q: How long does it take to buy crypto?

A: First time buyers have to go through KYC (know-your-customer) which can take upwards of 10 minutes. Once you have completed your purchase, it can take approximately 5 minutes for the assets to arrive in your wallet.

Q: What assets can I buy?

A: We support over 200 digital assets across our network. The asset type available varies by region. We will display all of the available assets for your region and payment method during the checkout process.

Q: How do you use AI to help me buy crypto?

A: With thousands of transactions logged and real-time access to pricing feeds, our algorithms take a variety of factors to help present some of the best options for your transaction.

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